Hey, I'm Jordyn

Welcome, Friend!

If you're here, reading this - that means you might not think I'm as weird and awkward as I think I am, or maybe we've even bonded in mutual weirdness already (huge plus!) All jokes aside, I'm super glad your search for a wedding or lifestyle photographer has landed you here.

I want to help you celebrate this season of life with artful imagery and authentic memories that represent the core of your being. Tap the button below if this resonates with you!

Mentally somewhere with my feet in the sand and a book in my hand at all times.

Timeless Style

My editing style is best described as moody with a vintage/earthy flair to it. I love to include light and dust overlays when the composition allows it, and am obsessed with black and white images. I shoot a mixture of natural light and flash while utilizing lens filters (sometimes homemade) to provide creative edits throughout my galleries.

A Decade of Experience

I have been documenting wedding days of all sizes for about ten years (3 full years now as an official biz). I still remember my first real wedding opportunity that I did for free and delivered through a flash drive (eek!).

One of my favorite parts of a wedding or elopement day will always be before the ceremony. There's nothing like documenting the emotions during the "getting ready" time and if the couple does a first look or first touch.

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