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Hey, I'm Jordyn

Virgo sun & Capricorn rising. Lover of the beach, summertime, cannolis & road trips! Being local to Southern York PA, there's no shortage of small town charm, corn fields and historic buildings to enjoy, but I'm always looking for a reason to pack a bag and head to the beach with my husband Tim & our Aussie Collie Archie!

I live for romanticizing real life moments. Scrabble in the backyard with ice cold lemonade, a walk down the court with my husband in our cozy clothes, sitting in front of a big window with a book while the snow falls.


I was raised in a Christian family, and carry those same values & beliefs with me today in my business and personal life. Most times you can find me at home, listening to an indie playlist or 90's rock while I edit, cook something delish or snuggle my pup.


Above all, I value a strong work life balance, because I don't believe that we need to work our lives away to somehow feel happy in the end. Ya girl gets at least 8 hours of sleep most nights! & sometimes a social media hiatus is necessary to fully rest & reset this creative, overthinking brain.


Aside from being behind the lens, you can most often find me buried in a book or browsing local vintage shops. My hubby and I are always working on a project in our fixer upper or out tending to our garden!

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Creative Photography, Concept Photography, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Typography, Painting, Drawing, Stephen King books, Plants, Gardening, Coffee, Tea Lattes, Hiking, Fashion, Antiques/Vintage, Thrifting, Crafting. 

Music: Mac Miller, Whitney, A Day to Remember, Bon Iver, Beartooth, Logic, Gavin Degraw, Ballyhoo, Post Malone, Every Avenue.

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