Hey, I'm Jordyn


When I'm not behind the lens, you can most often find me buried in a book, browsing local vintage shops, or listening to a true crime paranormal podcast while I edit, experiment with a new dinner recipe or snuggle my pup.

My husband and I are always working on a project in our fixer upper or tending to our garden during the warmer seasons. During the winter, we love to spend time warming up near the wood stove & reading or watching NCIS!

Fellow introverts and slow living pals, sound off!

Timeless Style

My editing style is best described as moody with a vintage/earthy flair to it. I love to include light and dust overlays when the composition allows it, and am obsessed with black and white images. I shoot a mixture of natural light and flash while utilizing lens filters (sometimes homemade) to provide creative hierarchy throughout my galleries.

A Decade of Experience

I have been documenting wedding days of all sizes for about ten years (3 full years now as an official biz). I still remember my first real wedding opportunity that I did for free and delivered through a flash drive (eek!).

One of my favorite parts of a wedding or elopement day will always be before the ceremony. There's nothing like documenting the emotions during the "getting ready" time and if the couple does a first look or first touch.

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