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GIFs - Unique Album Content

2021 is bringing lots of new things for all of us, but GIFs are on the list of "things to try" this year for Jordyn Wida Photography.

Boudoir by Jordyn Wida Photography

Something Different

"Ive always wanted my clients albums to stand out in quality and creativity! I'm excited to find new ways to do that." -Jordyn Wida

I am LOVING creating these GIFs for my clients and they couldn't be more excited either! So far I've only tried this with two sessions but I've got plenty of ideas for future GIFs to really spice things up. Stay tuned!

Spring Headshots-13_edited.jpg

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My name is Jordyn Wida. I'm a Southern York County local photographer,

specializing in wedding and portrait photography. In my blog, I talk about new ideas that help me provide more unique experiences for my clients, tips and wedding inspo, as well as some little pieces of my crazy life. I hope you enjoy!

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