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Dressing for Your Family Session

A guide to help you figure out what to wear for your family session with Jordyn Wida Photography.

Family Session by Jordyn Wida Photography

The idea of booking a family session can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Everyone's ready to have beautiful photos with their family to hang on the walls but thinking about dressing everyone is a whole other thing. This post will shed some light on the subject and help you choose the right outfits!


You can't go wrong with warm colors or neutrals, for example, maroon, mustard yellow, burnt orange, forrest green, and tans. break up the color with some white thrown in.


Patterns are tricky - you don't want to choose anything tacky or bright. Stick with subtle plaids, checked patterns or ditsy florals. Normally no more than a third of your group should wear a pattern. Too much pattern makes a photo too busy and takes away from the people.


Layers, layers, LAYERS! Sweaters, overalls, onesies and scarves are a great way to use textured items like corduroy and chunky knits.

Here are a few examples of great outfit choices to help inspire your shopping trip or search through the closet!

Spring Headshots-13_edited.jpg

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