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behind the lens

Hi, I'm Jordyn - lover of tacos, coffee with oat milk, the beach and my pup Archie. Welcome to the self love page, where all body types are celebrated equally. Come hang with me in the studio with your favorite outfits... but only if you want to feel like a total babe!

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Whether you're a first time boudi-babe or seasoned in front of the camera, rest assured, we will be having a great time in the studio during your session.


If you're feeling nervous or not sure you can pull off a shoot like this, I'm here to let you know that some of the most on-the-fence clients have walked away saying things like "I didn't expect it to be this much fun and laid back", and "OMG that's me?!" when I show them a photo on camera.


Submit an inquiry! Tell me all the things you envision for your session, or if you want me to take creative freedom (we love this).

From there I will respond with package options and answers to any of your questions.


Select a date and book your session. Once you've chosen a package that fits your vision, I will send over available dates to get you in the studio!

After you've completed your retainer payment and signed your contract, you'll receive my Client Exclusive Boudoir Guide filled with info from planning your session style, how to prepare, all the way down to where to shop for outfits. 

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After you've reviewed the boudoir guide, we can set up a Zoom call to meet "in person" to go over our ideas and talk outfits/details to get the most out of your session. 

You will receive a reminder to pay your final invoice two weeks prior to your session date, and a session reminder two days or so before your time in the studio!

I am also available anytime before your session to bounce wardrobe ideas off of, or if you have any questions leading up to the session.

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